Offering Description

  •  Failure Explanation technique identifies the cause of a defect in the product or bottleneck in the process
  •  Failure Anticipation technique produces hypotheses of most probable product or technology failure


  • Scenario:
    • A company produces paper which is used to manufacture cardboard. The production process has the following disadvantage: non-uniform moisture distribution within the paper. This non-uniformity eventually leads to curling of the cardboard. Despite many attempts, the company has been unable to identify the cause of this problem.
  • Challenges:
    • Uncover the hidden causes of the non-uniformity of moisture in paper
    • Develop disadvantage-prevention concepts


  • One-point removal of condensing water can provide non-uniform drum cooling
  • Non-uniform air flow around the drum can create non-uniform distribution of moisture in the paper

Practical Validity of Proposed Solution

Expert opinion:

  • Both described phenomena exist
  • Both phenomena together can provide existing non-uniform moisture distribution


Install multi-point air- and water removal systems