Offering Description

  • Voice of the Product Analysis (VOP)
  •  Latent MPVs identification
  •  Voice of the Customer (VOC) evaluation using newly discovered MPV candidates


  • Initial Situation: 
    • The market of toothbrushes is overcrowded and thus competition is very intensive. Regular methods of the product improvement are almost exhausted.
  • Object: 
    • Regular toothbrush
  • Business Challenge: 
    • How to make a toothbrush that would be the market winner?

MPV Analysis

  • Known MPVs:
    • Cleaning effectiveness
    • Convenience
    • Operational time
  • Unknown MPV:
    • Toothbrush aseptic (warm, wet, dark environment and large surface area of bristles make a toothbrush the perfect incubator for bacteria)


  • Keep a toothbrush in a refrigerator
  • Keep a toothbrush in a mouthwash
Toothbrush clean.png