Offering Description

  • Setting up a team of subject matter experts, TRIZ specialists and GKN experts
  • Identification of target MPVs
  • Conceptual design of new product/process
  • Enabling technologies identification
  • Proof-of-principle prototyping


  • There are number of hands sanitizers that could be used occasionally somewhere out of sanitizing facilities
  • All of them have number of disadvantages:
    • Excessive cost
    • Excessive skin drying
    • Existing lotions compensating the skin drying provide a friendly environment for harmful bacteria and dirt. Also they eliminate subjective feeling of the skin cleanliness and have excessive cost
    • Lack of a “wow effect” necessary to attract more customers
  • Project goals:
    • Main Goal:
      • Develop a new product with high “wow effect”
    • Additional Goals:
      • Reduce cost
      • Provide subjective feeling of cleanliness

Radical Trimming

Application of Standard Inventive Solutions

Application of Function-Oriented Search

The same function as surfactant is performed in washing machine by electrically activated water

Detergentless Haier WasH20 Washing Mashine

Haier WasH20 just came with a new and innovative washing machine, that can save you the money you spend on detergent or soap. The Haier WasH2O washing machine doesn’t use any detergents!!! This washing machine works by breaking water molecules into its OH- and H+ ions components. OH- acts as the cleaning agent by attracting and retaining stains while the H+ ions sterilizes the clothes.

Activated Water: “Teach Sebum to do the Job of Surfactant”

The principle: electrically activated alkaline water (catholyte) makes sebum a surfactant

Product Format: Spray


  • Sebum produces surfactant => no excessive amount of surfactant => no skin irritation + no excessive removing of skin moisture => no lotion is necessary => good feeling of cleanliness + low cost
  • Sebum produces surfactant => no external surfactant => low cost
  • No external surfactant + no lotion => the bottle can be refilled with water from any available source => high convenience + low cost
  • No external surfactant => no excessive amount of water is necessary to remove it => small bottle => high convenience + low cost
  • High “wow effect”