Facilitation and Training

Building Innovation Competencies

GEN TRIZ offers facilitation services aimed at elevating the internal innovation competencies of client staff and accelerating progress on ongoing innovation programs.

GEN TRIZ's renowned innovation experts work with clients to strengthen both individual and corporate innovation competencies. We offer a curriculum of workshops and seminars that teach the fundamentals of GEN TRIZ's proprietary methodology, which has evolved over time by leveraging the firm's decades of experience solving complex problems across a broad range of industries and areas of engineering.

Our instructors work with each client to understand their organization's unique innovation challenges and objectives. The overall program and even each workshop can then be customized to address specific client needs.

Our workshops are unique in that lectures are combined with hands-on exercises that are aimed to address specific innovation problems brought in by participants. Through these workshop exercises, project teams are consistently able to uncover breakthrough solutions and remove long-standing bottlenecks.

Enhancing Innovation Capabilities

With decades of practical experience solving complex technical problems across a wide range of industries and engineering domains, GEN TRIZ is poised to help clients address critical R&D objectives, such as:

  • How can we build new skills that address changing market conditions?
  • How can I radically improve my organization's internal innovation capabilities?
  • How can we better leverage existing talent in the company?

GEN TRIZ workshops create a culture of systematic innovation within the organization by:

  • Creating a critical mass of people who "speak the same language"
  • Facilitating the application of GEN TRIZ's methodology tools to client-specific problems and projects
  • Ensuring knowledge retention with programs that focus on long-term success
  • Providing on-going mentorship support to develop the client's skills in using the methodology beyond the workshop.

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