IP Strategy

GEN TRIZ provides a range of strategic and tactical IP strategy-related services, including:

  • Patent landscaping and strategic assessment of IP portfolio strengths and weaknesses
  • Strengthening of existing patents through various tactics
  • Circumventing a competitive patent to secure freedom to operate
  • Predicting favorable cross-licensing opportunities
  • Developing technical documentation of GEN TRIZ recommendations to support client-led patent filing procedures.

Our approach to intellectual property assessment and protection is exclusively from the technical perspective and can be complementary to the IP work done by in-house and external legal counsel.


We work with clients to address a range of strategic IP-related issues, including:

  • What is our IP position in the target business or market?
  • In what areas are we vulnerable? What actions can we take to protect ourselves against these vulnerabilities?
  • In what areas are we well positioned (or could be well positioned) and how can we best exploit that position?
  • How can we obtain freedom to operate if our competitor has a patent?
  • What other major players have IP in our space – who else is patenting and in what areas?
  • What options exist to prevent third-party patents from inhibiting our growth (e.g., innovate, license, acquire, circumvent, etc)?


GEN TRIZ brings strong capabilities and experience to the IP strategy space, including:

  • Proprietary Patent Miner search software
  • Strong technical team capable of searching patent databases and reading through sometimes large volumes of patents to look for patterns and strategic groupings or patent specific areas of concern that could prohibit Freedom to Operate
  • GEN TRIZ methodology tools that can be deployed to develop specific circumvention and protection tactics.

To learn more about GEN TRIZ's IP Strategy capabilities contact us.