Manufacturing Innovation

Technology Driven Manufacturing Solutions

GEN TRIZ works with clients to achieve innovation breakthroughs in manufacturing processes. Our teams solve vexing technical problems that plague existing processes as well as develop concepts for next generation manufacturing platforms for making future products and meeting changing market requirements. We are able to deliver superior results by leveraging the discipline of our innovation methodology and the vast reach of our Global Knowledge Network of subject matter experts.

The Mandate on Manufacturing

GEN TRIZ believes that manufacturing processes should be a reflection of products. Accordingly, manufacturing innovation engagements can be stand-alone initiatives or can be part of a larger product innovation initiative.

GEN TRIZ has worked with clients to envision totally new manufacturing processes. The strategic context for these engagements could be:

  • Disruptive Innovation – What manufacturing processes and technologies will be required to realize the vision of new and disruptive products?
  • Shift in Portfolio - What would be required to manufacture a future portfolio of products that is anticipated to be different from today's portfolio?
  • Changing Market Requirements - What would be an "ideal" manufacturing process to most effectively achieve sustainable, flexible, low cost operations that can help to enable the company's growth mandate in existing or emerging markets?

We also work with clients to improve existing manufacturing processes along key dimensions of concern, for example:

  • Cost Reduction – How can we strip cost from the manufacturing process (and supply chain) through enabling technologies in order to improve cost position and protect product margins?
  • Sustainability – How can we redesign processes to improve efficiency in areas such as water and energy use, particulate emissions, etc?
  • Safety – Where are we vulnerable to contamination in our manufacturing processes and how can we build in greater protection?
  • Reject Reduction – What are the root causes of defects that drive rejection rates and how can they be eliminated?

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