Technology Forecasting

Forecasting Next Generation Innovations

GEN TRIZ works with clients to consider current and future technology trends and provide solutions for next generation innovations that can secure competitive advantage in the future.

GEN TRIZ's technology forecasting capability is built around determining the current position of products and technologies on the S-curve continuum, forecasting how technologies will evolve, identifying what innovations would force a disruptive jump to the next S-curve, and providing specific design solutions based on these inputs. This comprehensive approach reduces development and deployment risks.

At the core of our approach is a powerful GEN TRIZ methodology tool, Trends of Engineering System Evolution that considers how technologies evolve based on a set of objective evolutionary trends that have been empirically observed over time. This tool is effectively deployed to understand the directions that technologies will evolve along several dimensions including controllability, complexity and interactions with the infrastructure.

A Customer-Driven Approach

Customer-driven factors are at the foundation of our technology forecasting approach to ensure the delivery of market-based innovation concepts. Operating under the principle that consumers do not have the foresight to express what their needs will be in twenty years, we uncover the parameters of value (MPV's) for a future product – those product features that will increase product performance and maximize profitability. This helps to assure that scarce R&D resources are invested in innovations with the greatest market potential.

Providing Insight into the Future

By deploying this powerful approach to technology forecasting, we help clients carefully and pragmatically answer questions like:

  • What may my industry look like in 20 years?
  • How might future changes in the infrastructure affect my product?
  • In what direction should a product evolve to gain traction with consumers?
  • What are the technologies that could force a disruptive jump to a new action principle? How could we best leverage this possibility to secure competitive advantage?

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