The Science to Power Innovation

It is our mission to deliver clients breakthrough innovation solutions that impact the bottom line.

Leveraging GEN TRIZ's powerful combination of skills and experience, we are committed to delivering clients the following benefits:

Increased Speed to Market

Speed toward commercialization is essential to securing and maintaining competitive advantage. Our approach and business model are structured to yield high impact results, quickly:

  • A systematic and structured approach that doesn't rely on "hit or miss" brainstorming
  • A recognition that existing technologies can help to reduce development time if they have already proven feasible in other applications – invention may not always be needed
  • An ability to tap into global knowledge efficiently and confidentially, in a way that avoids "boiling the ocean".

Lower Innovation Risk

Successful risk management is paramount to any innovation program. Our approach helps clients to lower risk by increasing predictability of results:

  • A clean line of sight to customer needs ensures that technical work is driven to yield economic value
  • Solutions and technologies adopted from other domains where they have already proven successful
  • Proof-of-principle work focused on adaptation and commercialization, rather than fundamental research.

Greater Return on Investment

Achieving results efficiently and predictably can help improve the ROI of innovation programs:

  • By surfacing unmet customer needs and reaching far beyond the client's domain, our approach is geared toward high-impact, market-driven innovation that has breakthrough potential
  • By deploying a systematic and disciplined methodology that is focused on Main Parameters of Value, we ensure that R&D resources are invested efficiently to yield the greatest economic return.