Global Knowledge Network

GEN TRIZ's proprietary Global Knowledge Network (GKN) is a resource for our innovation teams to tap into the right expertise from the right area of science, fast.

Our Global Knowledge Network (GKN) of over 8,000 scientists, engineers and other technical experts gives us the unique ability to quickly and seamlessly tap into the right subject matter expertise throughout the course of a project on an as-needed basis. All GKN experts are rigorously screened and represent the top talent available across all domains from all over the globe.

If a problem requires external knowledge, we leverage our privately managed network to gain a deeper level of subject-matter expertise and insight. Guided by Function-Oriented Search, GEN TRIZ project teams leverage this network for consultation, theoretical advice, and/or support with physical experiments. And while our network provides invaluable contributions, the project teams themselves remain ultimately responsible for developing the solutions that meet the project's goals.

GEN TRIZ has employees that are dedicated to managing this network of experts. While our network is organized by subject matter, we tap into the network functionally. And our Function Oriented Search method directs us only to leading areas for each generalized function. Our methodology therefore allows us to efficiently navigate this extensive resource pool and tap into expertise quickly and easily. For a client organization to replicate the breadth and reach of this virtual and extensive knowledge resource would be neither feasible nor economical.


  • Access.  Our network provides access to world class knowledge beyond the client's core domain. Leading-edge expertise from across all industries and subject matter domains insures that input is received from the most qualified expert(s).
  • Speed.  Our functional approach provides a roadmap for navigating our network efficiently, with a focus on leading areas.
  • Confidentiality.  We work with GKN experts on a confidential basis, without revealing the specific applications, products, or names of our clients.